1. Do you have or had a fever (100Fo/37.8Co or higher) with this illness?

 If yes proceed to question 2.

  1. Do you have a runny/stuffy nose, cough and/or a sore throat?

If yes proceed to question 3.

  1. Did the illness start abruptly? Did you feel well and a few hours later become ill?

 If yes proceed to question 4.

  1. Do you have muscle aches and/or headaches?

If yes proceed to question 5.

  1. Have you been feeling ill for less then 72 hours?

If yes; stay at home. Avoid public places, young infants/children and the elderly. Rest, hydrate and take acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen as needed.

 If no; proceed to question 6.

  1. Have you been feeling ill for more than 72 hours?
    1. Did you feel better and then get worse? (cough become productive or fever return?)

 If yes; you should be assessed.

  1. Do you have a chronic condition or are on medications that impair your immune system?

 If yes; you should be assessed.

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness. If you suspect you have influenza you should avoid public places and contact with those whose immune systems are not as strong. You should cover your cough/sneeze and preform hand hygiene with EVERY exposure to any fluid from mouth or nose. You need rest and hydration; for most people an assessment is not necessary in the first 72 hours of illness. Coming in during this period will put any of the patients in our waiting room at risk. If you are coming in to be assessed and have any of these symptoms, then we ask that you put on a mask as soon as you enter the office and preform hand hygiene. Influenza can be deadly for our smallest patients as well as some of our elderly patients. Please consider this before you come to the office with influenza like symptoms.

Seasonal Flu Fact Sheet 2019 – 2020

Flu Facts